Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Palm Pre: Everything You Wanted to Know


When Palm launched its Pre last week at CES, we were both blown away and pretty overwhelmed. Besides issuing new hardware, the company also demoed a completely original operating system called webOS which incorporates some pretty heady ideas about what a mobile phone can do. Now that we've had a little time to step back, we're taking a more methodic look at the device and its software, and hoping to answer some of those nagging questions you've been asking. Read on for a look at everything we know about the phone right now.


Terrific pictures and description of the new phone that will give iPhone real competition, and it's coming before June, probably at $149 to $199 with a contract. Sprint has the first exclusive deal in North America, then the 3G GSM model will be available in the rest of the world. CES introduction

Latest Update: Extensive Comparison of Palm Pre with iPhone, Android, and others

It appears there are advantages and disadvantages to each phone. Palm Pre has raised the bar on design and hardware. Can it do the same on the rest of the user experience? Can it beat iTune by joining force with Amazon? There are still six months before it's first release. With the iPhone coming to it's end-of-life cycle within a year or two (those built-in batteries are a real pain), Palm has a window of opportunity to capture a large share of the potential switch-over market, especially when the phones are sold unlocked.

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