Sunday, January 11, 2009

Secrets to losing weight


  1. Start Dinner With a First Course (e.g. vegetable soup or a big salad)
  2. Enjoy Unlimited Snacks (e.g. baby carrots or celery)
  3. Walk Off Cravings (e.g. 15 minutes brisk walk)
  4. Avoid Trigger Foods (don't buy them, and avoid looking at temptation)
  5. Get Your Head in the Game (be convinced and committed)
  6. Double Up on the Good Stuff (i.e. veggies)
  7. Eliminate Extras (i.e. sugar, extra serving etc)
  8. Cut Back on Sweets — Real and Artificial


All the secrets are based on reducing cravings, increasing basal metabolism, and replacing bad calories with good ones. Most important of all is the commitment to do it consistently, every minute and everyday. Even after doing badly one day, starting over the next day is better than not. Don't allow one bad day to stop the momentum. Once the good practices becomes habit, it gets easier.

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