Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some solutions are worse than the problem

Reuters: New Science?


Some people keep thinking linear reductionist old thinking, instead of treating the earth as a holistic non-linear interdependent system. Keep stabbing it with industrial solutions and we will be in deeper trouble. Some people never learn. Not only are they NOT part of the solution, they are also wasting taxpayer's money while creating more problems. Their fundamental assumptions and world views are flawed to begin with. Only flawed solutions would be the result.


In the report published on Wednesday, researchers at Britain's University of East Anglia assessed the climate cooling potential of "geoengineering" schemes that also include pumping aerosol into the atmosphere and fertilizing the oceans with nutrients.

Ocean fertilization involves introducing nutrients to the upper ocean to stimulate the growth of algae, which absorb and sequester CO2 from the atmosphere.

Some environmentalists are concerned over ocean iron fertilization and say it could lead to a loss of marine life. They call for more research before large-scale experiments are performed.

Earlier this month, the German government ordered a group of international scientists to halt plans to dump 20 tons of iron sulfate dust into waters around Antarctica over worries the experiment could breach international law.

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