Friday, July 24, 2009

Knowledge is key

White House


President Obama is declaring a new race that is as ambitious as John F. Kennedy's race to the Moon. He is determined to change the failing primary and secondary educational system in America into the envy of the world. Instead of schools turning out thousands of high school drop outs, and millions of under-educated graduates, instead of inspiring students to be famous and wealthy, President Obama wants to encourage schools and teachers to learn new ways to inspire students to aspire to be more.

He is saying the past didn't work, let's find new ways to do things that will produce results. He is saying Washington doesn't have all the answers because some answers can ONLY come from the people, ALL the people working together, instead of bickering about their parochial interests, like trying to show off how smart they are by punching holes in each other, physically and metaphorically. He is saying instead of racing to the Moon, or racing to the biggest net worth, America needs to race to the top of educational excellence. Everybody knows, that knowledge is the key, but here is a president that actually understands how to inspire people, motivate the educational system, to find new ways, to innovate, and to implement a system that will revolutionize American education, indeed American society.


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